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Constant evolution, worldwide solutions.

Certified quality

We deliver a trustful and premium service to our clients. Being part of the most prestigious groups of freight forwarders it’s a proof of the seriousness and commitment to our work.

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Air Freight

Ocean Freight

Supply Chain and Logistics

Air Freight air_line

Air service for urgent needs. Our primary concern is to provide a fast and effective service so that the goods arrive and on time at the desired location.


Ocean Freight air_line

Our maritime service, with global coverage, allows your cargo to arrive anywhere in the world without delays and in safety.


Supply Chain and Logistics air_line

We are accredited to provide optimized logistics solutions. We bring together all the factors necessary for a service of excellence, in infrastructure, human resources and experience.



Our company is often distinguished by very important entities that recognize our efforts and the quality of our services. We aim to be an example of quality, trust and growth for any business.

Marmod Group

Get to know the Marmod Group. Five companies ready to respond to your needs, five reasons to work with us. Embark on our trip .

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